Calvin on Baby Greta

Calvin is the most attentive and adoring big brother!  We knew he was excited about his baby sister, but his love and interest in her blow me away.  He loves to hold her, cuddle her, hug her, and give her “just one more kiss.”  He’s had lots of great questions and observations, my favorite so far being: “Mommy, when will her electrical cord fall off?” 


Greta Lee Orfield

Born at 5:03am after just a few hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing!

Cara was a rock star. 

Photo evidence of all of the above:


Calvin, on Stella

We came home from a game watch at Anya and Mitch’s house today to a complete mess in the kitchen. Stella had gotten into the garbage and spread it everywhere. Frustrated,  I asked Calvin if he thought we should get a new dog? His response:

No, we don’t need a new dog. I think Stella is just perfect.

Guys’ Weekend

Cara was in Asheville, NC with Hillary and Kristen for Labor Day weekend, leaving me and Calvin for some quality guy time. I must be wearing him out because he’s been sleeping great and napping for 3+ hours every day! We have had tons of fun. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Swimming at the YMCA. He clung to my neck the whole time, but insisted “Calvin having fun in Ocean”. 
  2. Dinner with Ryan (and Chris & Ellen) out on the patio at Knight’s.
  3. GREENFIELD VILLAGE. Wow, did he love Greenfield Village… This deserves it’s own list: Riding the train, playing in the Village Park, seeing sheep poop, riding the carousel, walking through the covered bridge (until he noticed the cracks in the boards, at which point it became “little bit scarey”).
  4. Watching Notre Dame football
  5. Dinner at JD’s house
  6. Pie Party at Henry’s house

My proudest moment from the weekend (maybe of his first 20 months, really) was when we were dismounting the carousel at Greenfield Village and he pointed up at the bar that our animal was attached to and said “that thing goes up and down”. In the video below you can see him reverse-engineering the mechanism just as the ride was beginning. Give his voracious appetite for books I had him pegged as a literary guy, but maybe we have an engineer on our hands after all!

Holden Beach 2014: Calvin + 2 parents + 4 grandparents

In a rare “inverted family tree” trip, Calvin had the thrill of being the complete center of attention!


Here are some more pictures that Pop Pop took:

Meeting Baby Micah in DC

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